Cedric the Wise

A mysterious man with features of an owl who randomly appears to assist adventurers on their journeys.


fb7387e8bd0e23f05e28a334e160789056895ff1_m.jpgCedric is a mysterious owl humanoid whom appears out of nowhere to help adventurers in need at his leisure. He is known to help parties with difficult riddles and puzzles, point them in the direction of quests and new locations, and give information on creatures, items, locations, people, lore and more. He appears always wearing a magic monocle, silky blue vest and always with his trusty, large book of many things. On occasion he is seen wearing a long blue robe, a black top hat or using a smoking pipe. Cedric has the shape of a man with the head of a great horned owl, large wings in place of arms, an owl’s tail and talons in place of feet.


Backstory: Not much is known about Cedric’s life and where he came from but he is known by many people throughout the lands and has been around for almost 300 years.

Goals: To help young adventurers along their journeys. To discover new smokable tobaccos, herbs and weeds.

Cedric the Wise

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