water_fantasy_ocean_sea_dragons_ships_artwork_1920x1080_wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_19.jpgA world forged by the outcomes of Volenhad’s first conflict between the celestial giants and ancient dragons of legend in the dark days. The battles spilled over into the planes of lesser beings and onto many planets; one such sphere being Hon, a young globe of great seas and young lands. The world was forever scarred and shaped by the fallen bodies of the gargantuan men and colossal serpents who fought there during that time of war. The blood of the other-worldly beings poured into the oceans and onto the risen earth spawning life of fantastic and terrible beings and the mysterious forces of magic and spiritual energies. Now thousands of years later in this battle-forged world of Adra, unimaginable wonders, unspeakable terrors and grand adventures await your arrival in the world of Adra.